Other Makes

The basis of the Send To Car app is to send destinations to internet-connected car navigation systems. Not every brand has that kind of product in the market, so the app can't support every car out there. If your car has an internet-connected navigation system but is not in the list above, please email the author, Julien Vanier, to see if support can be added for your car.

Unsupported Makes

The following car manufacturers do not sell vehicles with a navigation system compatible to Send To Car.

  • Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge
  • Honda/Acura
  • Toyota/Lexus in the US (only cars sold in Europe have a compatible navigation system)


Volvo cars are not supported in the Send To Car app due to legal issues.


MINI cars equipped with MINI Connected navigation system used to work with the Send To Car app.

However, MINI updated their iPhone app and disabled the Send To Car functionality.


Hyundai cars equipped with Bluelink used to be supported, but Hyundai stopped allowing external services like Send To Car to send addresses to their car equipped with Bluelink.


Citroën stopped their partnership with Google. It is no longer possible to send destinations to Citroën cars in Europe.