Supported Car Makes and Countries

Cars that have an internet-connected navigation system are supported by Send To Car.

For most car makes, an active subscription to the navigation service is also needed.

Supported Car Makes

The following car brands work in the US.

Ford and GM brands currently don't work in Canada. They haven't rolled out their connectivity services to Canada yet.

Previously supported Car Makes

Many more brands were supported before June 2015, but due to Google shutting down the classic Google Maps website, these brands don't work anymore. See this post for more details.

Details for each Make

Ford, Lincoln, Mercury (SYNC)

There is a known issue with this make. See more details.

An active Sync Services account is necessary to use Send To Car with a Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicle

After sending the destination with your phone, push the Sync voice command button and say "Services" to download the address into your nav system.

Ford only allows sending destinations to vehicles in the United States. Canadian owners of Ford vehicles cannot use Send To Car due to this restriction.

The username for Ford, Licoln or Mercury is the 10-digit phone number associated with your Sync account.

If your account doesn't work, please call Ford customer support at 1-800-392-3673 and pick the option for Ford. Ask them to help you send a destination to your car from the MapQuest website. If you are able to successfully send a destination from MapQuest, you will be able to use the same 10 digit phone number to send destinations using the Send To Car app.

If you can improve these instructions, please reach out to the developer, Julien Vanier.

GM (OnStar)

An active OnStar account with eNav is necessary to use Send To Car with a GM vehicle

The username for GM is the same username you use to log in to your OnStar account at

After you click the Send button in the Send to Car app, a browser will open for you to log in to your OnStar account and finalize sending the destination. The destination you selected to send will be pre-filled in the browser after you log in.

Mercedes-Benz (mBrace)

Mercedes-Benz (COMMAND Online)



Nissan (US)

Nissan (Europe)

Infiniti (US)

Infiniti (Europe)

Nissan/Infiniti (other countries)

Toyota, Lexus


These brands used to be supported until Google shut down their classic Google Maps website in June 2015. See this post for more details.

Can't find your car?

Find out why some makes are not supported.